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Our Bloody Mix

I love bloody mary mix. This is the best mix that I had found anywhere. I was halfway thru the first bottle and I went and ordered 2 more. I will always have this is my house. Much better flavor than any mix that I’ve had before. I did not find it too spicy for my taste but the taste is top notch.

Our Regular Kimchi
I am currently sitting in bed having a bowl of this amazing Kimchi. It had just arrived today. I frequent a place in town called Ramen Bar. Sometimes I skip the ramen and just eat 2 sides of Kimchi. Because I believed that their Kimchi was the best I had ever had…until today. Until this moment. The mild is a little spicy. I like it this way but if you’re really sensitive to spice, you may find it a little much. The letter that came along with the package was hilarious and helpful. The texture is perfect. The taste is exquisite. I am quaking in my boots. I don’t think any other Kimchi could ever surpass this. I highly recommend this product. I’m so excited about it, I’m going to put it in a YouTube video! Now I must return to eating this fermented bowl of awesome. Then maybe eat some more. And some more.

5.0 out of 5 stars … currently sitting in bed having a bowl of this amazing Kimchi. It had just arrived today

Our Kimchi Again...
I have searched the internet for Kimchi, and have tried quite a few. In my never ending quest for more Korean Kimchi, I found Madge’s Vegan Kimchi Mild. It is really really delicious. I think its the best I have had thus far. I ordered two jars initially, and consumed them quickly. I chose the mild flavor because personally, I can’t eat very hot foods, only moderately hot. Madge’s mild flavor has just the right bite without being overly hot and necessitating having lots of cold water nearby to put the fire out. This product, Madge’s Kimchi, is very good and I like having some Korean food products in my home for when I get that craving, which is quite often. If you are a Korean fanatic like me, or if you are curious, give this Kimchi a try. I think you will become hooked, just as I am. And once you are, treat yourself, find a good Korean barbecue restaurant (which in my case, I really have to travel to get to one and can not go very often) and find out what my obsession is all about. For when you can’t get to a Korean restaurant, or want a bit of Korean heaven in your fridge, buy Madge’s.

Marie Capone
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