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Spicy Fermented Bloody Mary Mix

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  • Fermented: Probiotic & Raw for better taste and health. It’s an ORIGINAL!
  • Vegan: No Worcestershire Sauce. 99% Plant-based product
  • Spicy: 3 pepper blend with Habanero, Serrano, and jalapeno. Nice way to kickstart your day.
  • All-Natural: Whole Vegetables ONLY, kept Raw for thinner consistency.
  • Addictive taste: Tangy (natural “pickley” flavor) and briney, great for Micheladas too!

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Sku: 1002-0132

The Spicy Fermented Bloody Mary or Michelada Mix is our #1 selling mixer. The all-natural Fermented Bloody Mary Mix is the first on the market today. The Bloody Mary Mix is made with fresh vegetables and then fermented for a unique taste.

This category has seen no innovation since the 1960s. When it was bottled and sold in a shelf-stable container. The Spicy Fermented Bloody Mary Mix brings this classic cocktail to the modern era and redefines the taste and mouth-feel. Make your Bloody Cocktails new, fresh, and hip. Try this unique fresh and tangy taste today. Warning,  This mix is SPICY, made with jalapeno, habanero,  and serrano peppers. This is the holy-trinity of delicious tasty peppers.

You can now drink deliciously nutritious. We mix all the fresh ingredients and then using lacto-fermentation and wild cultures, this delicious mix is born. The umami of the tomato, the tanginess of the fermentation, the spiciness from the peppers, and the brine of the sea salt make this mix dance on your tongue.  Plus, this mix is raw, unpasteurized, and alive, which results in an added bonus of making this a probiotic drink.

The Spicy Fermented Bloody Mary Mix mixes with your favorite liquor like vodka, gin, beer, tequila, mescal, or even sparkling water. Every bottle contains an added bonus of fermented celery to use as garnish or snack on while finishing the bottle off.



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Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8.75 in

Plactic (PET) BPA Free




Madge's Food


1 review for Spicy Fermented Bloody Mary Mix

  1. Russ

    The depth of flavor cannot be described. A real upgrade from your standard bloody Mary mixer. A little expensive but well worth the extra money. Fantastic product!!!!!!

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