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Rueben Kraut


  • Organic Produce
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • We Use Pink Himalayan Salt for an increase of trace minerals
  • Fermented Naturally- We never use vinegar or preservatives.
  • RAW- Live fermented food filled with Billions of gut healthy microbes (probiotics)
  • 9 month shelf life (REFRIGERATED) or longer depending on your taste and texture

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How do you spell it: Rueben or Reuben? We liked Rueben because it means:   “…made of 100 % awesome …  a creature that lives to love and loves to live.”  We think this sums up this awesome Organic Raw Rueben Sauerkraut perfectly.

Our Organic Raw Rueben Sauerkraut has a classic taste as a result of the caraway seed, but the black pepper kicks it up a notch.  Spices used draw out the flavors from that classic Reuben sandwich.  This Organic Raw Rueben Sauerkraut  goes great on your Reuben sandwich, as a side with any sausage, or great right out of the jar. Plus, great with all your veggie options too.

Here are some know health benefits of gut healthy fermented sauerkraut:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces risk of heart disease
  • Aids in energy production in body
  • Helps maintaining a healthy heart
  • Beneficial in building stronger bones
  • Increases the bioavailability  of vitamins and minerals
  • Promotes weight loss because low calorie and high fiber

Ingredients: Organic Cabbage, Natural Spices, and Pink Himalayan Salt

Shelf Life:  9 months Refrigerated (will last longer, subject to personal taste and texture preferences)


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